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Fall in Love

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She likes snuggling in my robe
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hey everyone!!! so since i’m meeting fall out boy next month for the monumentour i think it would be cool if i did my first project for fall out boy!! 
so i’ve been seeing a lot of posts and interviews saying how joe and andy always feel left out because patrick and pete always talk in interviews/people pay more attention to them more
i was wondering if anyone would like to join me in Project Andy and Joe Are Important! here’s what’s going to happen: people can send me their messages on twitter or tumblr (twitter preferred) writing why they think joe and andy are important. you can also put a reason of why you love fall out boy or that you straight up love joe and andy!!
i want to do this project because i know that a lot of people can’t go to monumentour for various reasons so this is a chance for you to be there in spirit (kinda lmao)
if anyone has done this idea before btw i am terribly sorry i swear i didnt steal your idea i literally came up with it at 4 am last night 
yea so anyway i just want to show some appreciation and love to joe and andy because they’re awesome too and they are IMPORTANT!!! 
yes so here are the guidelines: 
must be less than 140 characters or three sentences max so it can fit on a little piece of paper (that’s why i prefer twitter over tumblr)
yes it can be anonymous (just send it on tumblr if you’re going to be anon!) 
i will post a tweet on my twitter saying to send messages for the project so you can send them there!! 
if your message would like to be private/meaningful you may send me a dm or private message me on tumblr! just make sure you tell me to follow you on twitter first!
i will write your username/tumblr on the message so that joe/andy can know who it is from!!! if you are anon, i just won’t put a name :))
ok so here’s how it is going to work: i’m going to let you guys send me messages/asks/dms/replies and i will write each of your messages on a piece of paper. i haven’t decided if i want to do stars, cranes or just scrolls yet (it depends on how many people actually participate!!) and put it in a jar!
THE DEADLINE IS AUGUST 14TH 2014 (my monumentour date is august 15th) so that should be plenty of time!!
if you have any questions that are not listed below, feel free to contact me on my twitter or send me an ask!!
1. How about Patrick and Pete? Won’t they be getting anything? 
Yes I plan on making them fan art and writing them letters so they will not feel left out! This project is more for Joe/Andy because they feel left out a lot more even though they are important to the band!
2. Do you have to put my username on the message? 
If you don’t want me to put your username/tumblr name on the message, just let me know!
3. Can i submit more than one? 
Yeah sure you can!!
4. Can I submit anonymously or private because my message might be a little personal? 
Yes you definitely can!! Just DM me on Twitter (make sure to notify me so I can follow you), send me a private ask or just submit it anon! 
5. When will you be giving them the messages? 
I will give them at the meet and greet for Monumentour on August 15th 
ok guys i think that’s it so just feel free to contact me if you have any more questions or concerns!!! this is my first project so i really hope that you guys decide to join! its pretty simple but i think it would go a long way!
reblog this so your friends and other followers can join too!! thanks guys!!
i will also be tracking the tag #projectjoeandandyareimportant if you want to post anything there or any updates on the project!
here’s my contact info!!
tumblr: bythewaycest.tumblr.com
twitter: bythewaycest


I wonder if band members realize how much a hug can mean

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